Meet me at Mike's: Mirabel Softies

I was recently blog hopping when I happened upon the Make a softie for the Mirabel foundation idea: here. I had a softie already made (pattern from Home Sewn magazine) that I didn't really have a home for (my daughter has way too many soft toys as it is!) so I thought I would send it in. Here it is.

Anyway my daughter caught sight of it and had an almighty tantrum because she wanted it, even when I explained where I was sending it to, it still continued! I thought the cause was lost on a, soon to be, 6 year old. Then a little later I heard her calling out that she would give it to the other kids but that it was "soooo beautiful!" So then I suggested she could help make one to send along with it. She did the design process (she said I should make one like her (much larger) Bunny blankie) and I made it! I prefer this one, even with it's wonky ears! It's made from a re-purposed fleece, a bit of red felt and embroidery floss.

Think I might make some more of these!