Happy Valentine's

OK so we Brits (& Aussies I think) don't really do Valentine's Day to the extent to which it seems to be done in the US, but my daughter and I did a few bits and pieces for fun anyhow!

There were some really great free downloads listed on The Long Thread.  Some of which we have used for these fun little things!  You'll need to click on the picture to see it up close! They are a bit small I guess!

The wrapped up gift is some choccy wrapped in plain red tissue paper, it was all we could find! So we stamped it with silver hearts and added stickers and one of the cute images from Style Crush as a tag.  The other images from Style Crush (cards on the left) we'll dot around the house tomorrow for Mr Pizazz to find!  The little cards from Bunny Cakes we thought we would put inside the matchboxes (I printed them much smaller than was intended).  The matchboxes we made from scratch as it was quicker and cheaper than going to the shops to buy actual matchboxes! The idea was from Brooke Reynolds at Brides.  We made little matching cards to go inside too!  And filed with sweets.

We had lots of fun doing this and it has kept my daughter occupied for quite a while!  I also made hubby a little coaster which you can see here.  And have made something else for my little girl that I'll share on my sewing blog tomorrow.

Have a great day - and thanks for stopping by!