Clean & Simple

Just made this card last night using the current clean and simple card. I used the colours from the Embellish Magazine submission call.  They ask you to use buttons in intersting ways, well I used mine as an exclamation mark, not really sure if that is obvious or not, hope so!

I've used dimensional magic on the balloons to give then a bit of dimension!

Just listening to a song that I just LOVE by Sarah Blasko: We Won't Run.  I love her voice. However I just bought the album off itunes but unfortunately so far I only like 3 or 4 songs on it.  I suppose it was worth it as I do really love this song!!! I kept hearing it on the radio and then missing who sang it, then finally yesterday it was on in a shop so I was able to find out who it was! Yay!

Just read a fabulous book by Cecelia Ahearn (I love her books!) it was called Thank you for the memories! Brilliant read!

Oh well have a great day.