Impromptu Giveaway for current followers!

Yay we all know how lovely it is to see that people love to see what you have on your blog so much that they sign up to follow it! Gives me a bit of a buzz anyway!!  So I decided to say thank you to all my current followers with a little giveaway! 

Remember this little card I made for the EBTKS fabric challenge (it was one of the shortlisted ones!) well I didn't make it with a person in mind, so I decided to give it to one of you lovely ladies who follows my blog.

Cue drum roll please.......I put all 15 names into a hat (check out that hat!) and asked my six year old to pull out one lucky winner........

and the winner is..............

Just in case you can't actually read that miniscule print (!) the winner is Arielle - SnappyStamper.  Which is freaky as she is my newest follower! What a way to welcome you Arielle! Email me with your address and I will mail this off! You can find my email in the contact me tab at the top of the page.

Have a fabulous day everyone!