Giveway is now closed

Ok, so the giveaway is now closed - what an amazing response!  I was blown away by the number of comments, followers and the lovely things that were said!  Thank you so much for taking part in my Giveaway.

Winners will be announced later today.

Just a few words for those thinking they might participate next time.  I just wanted to say a little bit about why I took part in the giveaway so it might help others in the same situation.  Although I do love a giveaway just for the sake of it, I mean who doesn't love to put smiles on people's faces?  I have to say my main reason for doing this one was to reach more people, to get my designs seen by a wider audience and to see if my hobby could ever be more than just a hobby!  So, 'Was it worth it?' I hear you ask? Well here are the stats, and potential future 'Giveawayers' can make up their own minds!  During the 6 day period I had:

  • 1261 visits!
  • 150 comments on the giveaway post
  • 50 new blog followers
  • 4 new Etsy Shop Hearts
  • 6 new Etsy Item Hearts
  • 1 Made it Item Favourited
  • 0 Sales

For me, despite no sales, it was definately worth it.  I got some wonderful feedback about my items, including some constructive criticism about something I hadn't thought of so that was good too.  There were also some useful comments about my shop set up too. So thanks for all that.  Hopefully the coming weeks and months will bring orders too!

Just in case you are interested these were the top 5 favourites in order:
  1. Dinosaurs (both designs)
  2. Car
  3. Butterflies
  4. Rainbow
  5. Pink Heart
Dinosaurs were clearly leading the way!  If you can think of some other new designs you'd like to see feel free to let me know.

I'll be back later today with the winners!!