Super Excited today!!

Sorry for the long time no post.  Been busy sewing and working and car boot saling! (Is that even a word!?) Not sure if you guys in the states are familiar with the term Car Boot Sale? It is basically a Garage Sale but in a central place with lots of people selling stuff.  I bribed my daughter to get rid of her old toys by telling her she could have the money we raised from it as her spending money for an upcoming holiday!

Anyhow the reason for my excitement? Two of my Father's Day cards got picked for challenges.  The tools one was picked for the Cards Blog Challenge: Father's Day. And the Super Dad one was picked for Sweet 'n' Sassy Customer Spotlight!  I am feeling Super Special!

You can  check out their blog here and their shop here.  I have a VERY long wishlist for this shop sat right next to my computer!

Have a fab day! I have an evening and day (tomorrow) of cardmaking planned! Yay!