Thrift Store find, few new bits for the store & a card!

Phew I've been busy!!  This is a bit of a long post - you will be forgiven for simply looking at the pictures!!

If you're looking for the card it's further along in the post.....

I found this old Hello Kitty nightdress at the local thrift store for $2 a while ago.

And yesterday I finally turned it into something...well three things actually!  Doesn't she look pleased with herself!!

I was most pleased with the skirt, I've used one of my daughter's old dresses before to make her a skirt but that was pretty easy as I just chopped the top off and added elastic.  But this one was pretty much done from scratch, just kept the bottom seam as the bottom seam so I didn't have to hem it.  I love the pleats!  Of course she needed a matching t-shirt and headband!

To make the skirt I just measured 9 inches up from the bottom of the dress all around and chopped it off.  Then to make the drop waistband bit I measured around her waist and added a bit., chopped out a rectangle tall enough to house the elastic and a bit of a drop waist.  Sewed the bit for the elastic to go through and threaded it through.  Then stitched up the sides.  I then put the waist bit inside the skirt bit so the right sides were facing each other and gradually pinned the two pieces together folding the pleats as I went, then sewed it all together and voila a cute little skirt!!! [Please excuse my VERY basic description!!!]  I've added this into the Frugal Friday link  party at the shabby nest.

Also just to let you know these new things will be heading for the shop later today.

And now for the card.  I made this for friends of ours who are retiring and returning to England soon.  I think this is the first time I've used these trees, I love them!

I will be entering this card into the following challenges:

Well if you stuck around this long then thank you!  Have a fab day whatever you do!

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