First Attempt at Patchwork!

My friend Lorraine made me aware of RetroMummy's 'Quilts for Queensland' drive.  She is asking for help from fellow bloggers to make blocks that will then be made into quilts by her army of quilters.  Well I have never attempted patchwork before as I always seem to think that the end product will just take too long to get to and I'll get bored and give up! I like short projects!  Anyway I figured that even I could manage a couple of blocks.  And yay I did!  I made these two Pinwheels, I believe they are called!

One of them is a little bit mis-match but I think it's passable. What do you think? Feeling very pleased with myself, although I'm not sure this is really the thing for me!  Might stick to my little projects!

So if you feel so inclined to help out then head on over to RetroMummy's blog and get all the details.