Some gifts

My daughter's teacher recently had a baby and so we made some gifts to celebrate!  I decided I wanted to introduce a new image - it's always nice to give a friend a new design before it goes on offer in the shop!  So I made a cute little owl.

My daughter outdid herself! She painted a wooden coathanger and added a special message on the back, made a beautiful card and then had go at sewing on my sewing machine!  We made a butterfly garland for decoration in the baby's room.  We used the Big Shot and Butterfly die from Stampin Up to punch out varying colours and sizes of butterflies.  She layered them up and then we put them through the sewing machine - she just needed a bit of help and some direction.  We used two colours of thread to match the purple and pink theme, one on the top and one in the bobbin case and it gave a fun look to the garland.  We added a ribbon loop to the top and a couple of strands of ribbon to the bottom.  I think I might add one of these to the shop too! 

Here are her lovely creations.  She chose a sketch to follow for this one and chose all the papers, I just helped place one of the papers, measure and tie the bow she stuck it all down.

 The coathanger!

The pretty Butterfly garland.  You might need to click on this to see it better!

Just one other thing to share today. I made a little dolls quilt from a piece of cheater quilt fabric. This is my first ever go and I was quite pleased with it. The front looks good the back is pretty bad I have to say. I did photograph the back but couldn't bring myself to share it here!

 I was more pleased that I finally figured out how to attach the Even Fed Foot that has been sat in my sewing box for almost a year - I thought I had bought the wrong one!
And I was quite pleased with the binding!