Baby Taggie Blankie

I keep seeing these lovely taggie blankies around but hadn't made one til yesterday.  Mainly because there is another girl locally who makes wonderful ones to sell at the local markets, and it's always nice to provide something that's not already there right?

Anyway I have friends popping babies out left right and centre at the mo! So baby gifts are being cooked up in my house at the mo.   This one is for one of my oldest friends (not oldest in age you understand!), a girl I went to school with.  Her and her partner are both musicians so when the idea began to take form and I was stood in the fabric shop choosing fabric I was VERY happy to spot these two musical black and white fabrics.  I wanted to go with the black, red and white theme as I remember reading when my daughter was little that it helps with brain/eye development.  She had a little cloth book in these colours and she loved looking at it intently!

As you can see I patchworked the front block.  Seems Lorraine has finally gotten me interested in patchwork.  Still think small projects are the way forward for me though!

I just love the minky fabric on the back it really is so soft!

I can see me making one or two more of these as gifts for friends.

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