About time for a catch up!

Hello! Well I thought it was time for a quick catch up!

After the move back to the UK we embarked on a rather major rennovation project on our home, whilst living here.  It did kind of take over for a while and is still ongoing.  But I wanted to let you know that I have been making one or two bits and pieces as we have gone along.

I made these purses before we left Aus for my daughter's friends.  Union Jack on one side and photo on the other.

I made up a batch of these bunting cards for kids parties using up scraps of fabric, need to do some more now as I've run out!

Here's Jade's cake from her last birthday! She had a low ropes course party!

A birdhouse I painted!

And a card made for a friend.  Paper pieced! I know I'm nuts! Love that image.

Sorry for the shocking photography!  I know there have been a few other bits and pieces but can't find photos at the mo!