A Little Blog Drought and Exciting News!

Sorry about that! Seems I have been away longer than planned.  Well it hasn't been because I haven't been crafting because believe me I have!  Instead of one long post I will endeavour to catch up with lots of individual posts!

Here are a few of the latest creations.

1. Charmalade Quilt  2. Personalised Taggie Blankie  3. Birdie Mini Quilt  4. Reindeer Cushion  
5. Cupcake Purse  6. Burlap Christmas Tree Garland  7. Flavoured Vodka Chalkboard Labels     
8. Daisy Scarf  9. Personalised Christmas Stocking  10. Twins Card  11. Tree Cushion  
12. Scooter Purse  13. Old Git Card  14. Baby Quilt

The most exciting news is that I am planning to start teaching sewing classes again, here in Hampshire, UK.  I've added a tab to the top of the page with a link to where you can book your place if you are local!  The intention is to keep the classes project based so that a student can complete a finished project within the time frame of the lesson.  That being said, the projects will be kept small and depending on the speed of the student, they may need to be completed at home.  I want people to stop being afraid of their sewing machine and have a go at making something.  

So first up on the classes will be:

 If you're local please help me spread the word!

Joining in with Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day:
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