Commissioned by my Brother

Last year my brother asked me if I could sew his girlfriend a personalised stocking with a reindeer on. Of course I obliged.  

I was going to make it out of felt but then I remembered I had some fleece throws that I had bought from Ikea a while back in red and white.  I think they cost about £3 each and they are pretty big.  Each with a different fringe edging.  

Sorry for the rubbish photo! Not quite in focus lol!

As you can see I incorporated the fringe edging of the white one into the stocking.  Looks really cute.  I just modelled the shape of the stocking on one that I had at home already.

And here is the sweet natured Rudolph!

Think my brother must have bought quite a lot for the lucky Laura as he requested the stocking be quite large!!