Craft Room Tour

Well I spent most of Sunday tidying up my craft room.  So I decided to photograph it whilst it was looking lovely and before I piled it up high haphazardly with stash and work in progress again!!

I LOVE this room! A lovely place to come and create.  The window, where I have my desk, looks out of the front of my home onto the road so I can watch the comings and goings of my little road - who doesn't love to watch the world go by?

This is the layout:

My husband put the desk and cutting table together for me.  For the desk, we bought a long kitchen work top from a DIY place and cut it to the width of the room. At each end we used Alex Drawer units from Ikea to act as legs and put a Godvin leg in the middle for extra support.  At one end I have my sewing machine and sewing supplies and at the other end I have my card making area.

Here is a closer view of the sewing area.

I love having all the spools of thread on display.  a) it looks really pretty and colourful and b) it's really handy to be able to grab the colour you need quickly!  Not sure if you can see but under each spool of thread there is a pre loaded bobbin nestled there ready to go.  The bobbin threads are held in place using a little plastic tubing.  I found a handy tutorial ages ago.  I don't remember which blog it was on but I just did a search and lots of people have it on their blogs, try this one.

A new addition, thanks to hubby again, are the magnetic boards.  Again from Ikea.  I bought the little magnetic pots with no plan in mind what to use them for just thought they were a good idea.  I have put my quilting pins and binding clips in them.  Perfect as the containers I was using didn't have lids so more often than not they would end up on the floor!

The cutting table was put together using another worktop (breakfast bar width), a Best Craft Organiser Mini Stackable Triple Stacker and has an Ikea 2x2 Expedit hiding underneath on wheels!

The craft organiser unfortunately had to be modified as it was about 2 inches too tall.  Otherwise I would have had to wear stilettos just to be able to cut fabric!  It is a great storage unit though.  I used to have the desk version, but knew that wouldn't work in the new space so sold it before leaving Australia.  This little baby holds all my paper crafting goodies: Scrapbook paper; Cardstock; Stamps; Punches; Dies; Embossing folders; buttons; ribbons; brads; card blanks etc. Love how there is a place for everything and it keeps everything so neat and tidy.

When you open up a drawer and it looks like this...lovely rainbows...for button storage.

And lovely ribbon storage... aaah if only all my ribbons would fit! I actually need more of those ribbon winders if anyone knows where I can get hold of some.

My handy hubby also fitted one of these iron wall storage units at the weekend. Also from Ikea.  This is the recently recovered table top ironing board that I snagged at a car boot sale for a pound I think!

So now around to the fabric storage area.  This is one of the prettiest and satisfying things about this room.  My fabric used to be just stuffed into a bookcase.  Always forgot I had things as they would get shoved to the back.  Then I stumbled across a tutorial for making mini bolts of fabric.  Again there are lots out there, I can't remember which one I used but this one is good.  Basically you buy comic book boards and wrap your fabric around!

In the black boxes on the bottom two rows I keep a mix of different things: cushion inserts; clothing to upcycle; card making glues; wadding; items for sale in my shop/markets; etc.

Now around to the cardmaking area.  To be fair I haven't been making as many cards as I used to. Missing it a bit and now it's tidy I might be able to get back there!

I have a magazine rack on the wall that I store some paper / card in whilst using (read: can't be bothered to put away!).  There is some more ribbon storage for rolls of ribbon.

I've used an Ikea kitchen drawer organiser for my pens/ink/tape that sits the wrong way on a permanently open drawer.

I have the mannequin there to attach things to, cards from friends etc.  My sister bought me these pretty glass storage containers for my birthday, that by chance match in perfectly with the colours in my window blind! so I popped in my spools of twine.  The paint can holds more ribbon that doesn't have a home at the mo!

And that kind of brings me to the end of the tour!! Hope you liked it and it gave you some handy ideas.  I wonder how long I will keep it nice and tidy for.....

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