Fresh Sewing Day - a little late...

Wow January was busy!  So what have I been up to? Mainly I have been:
  • Setting up my Etsy Folksy Shops
  • Getting a Crafty Nomad Facebook Page set up link is in the sidebar
  • Commissioning someone to design me a new logo (watch this space!)
  • Planing my Sewing Classes and making some mock ups for them and writing the tutorials
  • Trying to get fit! (Hahahahahahahahahaha)
  • And a little bit of sewing added into the mix....
I've been working on a quilt top for a friend's baby.

I totally love this line of fabric by Tasha Noel called Little Red Riding Hood.

Not all my squares points match neatly, I think some of the charms were cut slightly smaller than others Grrrr!  Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it lol!

I love almost everything about it so far, I mean who couldn't love this colour combination and cute designs.....BUT I seem to have made a bit of a mistake placing that floral grey charm up in the top left corner. Doh! That one should have been in the body of the square, not so close to the grey floral borders.  My eye is constantly drawn to it! Oh well.....remember for next time!

Just got to piece the back, quilt it and bind it.  Here are some of the other things I have sewn up this month.

The pretty cushions.

Jade's cushion to match her Christmas Quilt.

And the rustic Valentine's Burlap Bunting. Available to buy here. (LOL!)

Have a lovely day blog hopping! Sharing at Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day.

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