Branding! plus 10% discount Moo Cards code!

I've been a bit absent from the blog this month.  Have been making heaps of items for class and for market.  Will share some of those with you soon.  

But this weeks posts will be all about branding!  I have been thinking for ages about getting myself a lovely logo designed which I have now and am super happy with!  It's up there in the blog header folks, what do you think?!

And now I have my lovely logo I needed business cards!  The cute little ones I want to share with you today come from Moo Cards, and are called MiniCards.  They are about half the size of a regular business card lengthways.  The great thing about Moo Cards is that you can have a different thing printed on the back of every single one in a pack of 100! The uses of them are endless!

I have my lovely logo on the front of everyone (bottom left in the picture above).  Then I have five different options for different purposes.  Top left is a loyalty card, if someone books three sewing classes then they get to bring a friend along for free to one of the classes, thereby introducing someone to my little business and to the joy of sewing!  Top right is a little thank you money off coupon to Etsy buyers.  Middle left is a little reminder card for class members to jot down the date of their next class.  Middle right is used as a swing tag for pricing items at craft markets, I just punch a hole in one end and thread up with some matching baker's twine.  Bottom right is a basic mini business card. Also to be used as a swing tag for Etsy purchases.  If you have any other ideas for how to use them, feel free to share with me!

The quality of these cards is really wonderful.  They are really thick and the colour is great.  I love the little organiser box they come in too.

Now the folks over at Moo offer a lovely referral program that means if you purchase cards using a referral from me you get 10% discount off your first order and I get points that translate into money off future orders of business cards! Win-Win situation me thinks.  So to get your 10% discount at Moo either click on the picture above or here!  Feel free to pin the top picture!! ;-)

I will share more about my Logo and where I got that designed next time.  Then we'll talk more about branding in general.