Oh What a Dilemma! Help Needed!

Well I was all sorted with the layout of the Petite Street Quilt until I made the mistake of asking my husband what he thought of it.  You know when people pause for a split second longer than normal before they reply and you just know they hate it!  Doesn't really matter what comes out of their mouths after that does it, it's too late.  So I turn to the knowledgeable quilting readers out there to ask for advice.  I have played around with these HSTs and now have 8 options which I NEED opinions on, so PLEASE comment!!

Option 1: The Diagonal Stripe

Option 2: Triangles

Option 3: Pinwheels

Option 4: Diamonds

Option 5: The Wonky Zig Zag

Option 6: Ribboned Pin-wheel

Option 7: Simple Star

Option 8: Complex Star
Other suggestions gladly received!