Puppet Theatre

Quite a while ago I saw this neat idea on-line of a Puppet Theatre that hangs from a door frame.  So quick and easy to store and tidy up taking up little room as opposed to the ones that are based around a wooden stand.

So I thought I would have a go at making one.  This is the result!

I love it.  It's such a simple idea but looks so effective.  I'm teaching this as a class over the coming weeks.  We will get it to this stage in class but then I will give ideas on how to make it more personal.  For instance you could appliqué on the words 'Puppet Theatre' or 'Name's Theatre'.  Maybe add an appliqué of the happy/sad masks.  Or a string of bunting etc.

It hangs from a dowel suspended across two hooks placed on either side of the door.

Thanks for stopping by!

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