Christmas Tree Decorations Tutorial

Good Afternoon Folks! Just in case you are feeling all creative whilst putting up your Christmas Tree I thought I'd post a fun tutorial for making your own tree decorations!  I created this tutorial for a group of ladies this week.  These are so easy and fun to make you'll be able to whip up a heap in no time!  

The Crafty Nomad Christmas Decorations WM.jpg

For the Christmas Trees:

Tree Dec Blog Photo The Crafty Nomad.jpg

1. Cut a triangle of fabric






2. Place on top of two layers of fleece






3. Cut around the triangle using decorative scissors leaving about a quarter inch of the fleece visible, cut through both layers of fleece.



4. Cut a length of ribbon to use as a hanger and place in between the layers of fleece.  I cut mine long enough to run through the whole length of the tree so some dangled out of the bottom looking like the tree trunk.




5. Sew your triangle in place, through both layers of fleece







6. Sew a button on if desired








Love hearts tutorial to come soon....