HoHoHo.....Merry Christmas!

I made this fun Christmas cushion this week.  Love the contrast of colours and the lovely soft grey needlecord.

Also had one of those 'Aha' moments when you wonder why you had been so dumb about something! Finally figured out how to make adding bobble trim a total breeze! So that was good! Up until now it has been my nemesis!

Starting to feel very Christmassy now!  I had a stall at our local village market last night and whilst it was cold and drizzly lots of people turned out to support the village!  Here is a pic of my stall.

I was right opposite this lovely shop: Boo Bridal Boutique, who had the innovative idea of putting a real live mannequin in their window!  She gave some passers by a bit of a shock!  What a fun idea!