Minecraft Quilted Cushion

My nephew, like many other kids I'm sure, is totally Minecraft Crazy!  So for Christmas this year I made him a cushion like the Creeper.  I personally have never seen nor played this game, but thanks to the good old internet I was able to find some images!  I cut 144 two inch squares (!), I was in a bit of a rush to get on with it and if I had thought about it for more than 5 seconds I would have pieced it differently but hey ho, I still love it!  

I pieced it in rows which as I said turned out to be a mistake as you can see I wasn't able to line up all the squares. Clearly my cutting can't have been very accurate on some of those squares!  In hindsight I would have pieced nine, 4x4 blocks.

First off I quilted inside the eyes, twice.  Then all around the black section, with black thread.  Then switched out the thread to a dark green and quilted a meandering right angled path avoiding the different colour pixels if that makes sense.  I love it as it is one path that can be followed all the way around which finishes back up where it started out in the top left corner.

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