A little bit of Summer Alteration Sewing

We've had a few things lately that we've bought but haven't been quite right for us!  But with a bit of simple alterations they've been made just right.

First up was this beach coverall for my daughter.  It was the type that went over the head.  She hates that! So I cut up through the middle and inserted an open ended zip.  Much better! Could have done with a slight longer zip, but it did the job!


Second I bought a top I liked the pattern of but the style was very unflattering. So I decided to model it on one I already had.  I added a hidden casing, a couple of button holes and threaded some ribbon through and hey presto a new top!

Lastly we bought my daughter a lovely blazer that had some really funky lining but the outside was just a little too plain for my style guru daughter! So she picked out some new buttons and now has a much more individual look going on!

I love that being able to sew can mean the ability to change something to make it more personal to yourself!