Santa Gift Bag Tutorial

I ran this cute little gift bag as a class last year.  So this year I've decided to post the tutorial here as a pre-Christmas treat for you all!  Yay! Merry Christmas lol!

How to Christmas Gift bag.jpg

You Will Need:

  • Red Felt (approx 12 x 18 inches)
  • White bobble trim 1 metre
  • 2 silver buckles
  • 1.5 metres of black ribbon
  • White, Black & Red Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Satin Stitch presser foot
  • Scissors & Pins

Attaching the handles

Begin by threading your machine with red thread.  Cut two handles from black ribbon each measuring 11 inches long.  Pin centrally along the two short edges.  This should be about 3¾ inches from each side.  Stitch in place with two rows of stitching remembering to reverse stitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitches. (By the way if you click on the pictures you can see them up close!).

Bobble Trim

Thread up with white thread and remember to use the satin stitch presser foot.  Now we will attach the bobble trim to the two short edges.  Pin a little bit of the trim in place and start sewing.  No point pinning it all in place as it will creep along as you sew.  So one pin will be enough.  Flick the bobbles out of the way of the foot as you sew and go very slowly.

The Belt and Buckle

Cut two pieces of black ribbon for the belt, each measuring 12 inches long,  Measure 3 inches down from the bobble trim and make a mark.  Do this from both ends.  Slide a buckle onto each piece of ribbon and position in the centre.  Using the mark you made pin the belts on, aligning the top edge of the belt with the marks you made.  Thread the machine with black thread and stitch the belts on place.

Now fold the bag in half right sides together with handles matching.  Pin the two sides together.  Now stitch together along the two sides.  Remember to reverse stitch at the top to secure your stitches.

Boxing the corners

Using an acrylic ruler measure 1½ inches from the bottom fold and 1½  inches from the side stitch line and draw a box.  (If you don't have an acrylic ruler just cut a 1½ inch cardboard square and use that to draw around instead.  Do this on both bottom corners.  Cut along the line and cut the squares out.  Put your hand inside the bag to box out the corners.  Pin, with seams open.

Sew along the two pinned corners, keeping it as straight as possible and ensuring the seams stay open as you sew over it.  It is very important to reverse stitch at the beginning and end.  Do to both corners.  Then turn it right side out.