Friday Favourites - The Quarter Inch Foot

So my next product I wanted to feature on Friday Favourites is the Quarter Inch Foot.  

Originally designed for patchworkers.  I love this foot and use it for a lot of craft projects that don't need a large seam allowance.  It's perfect for bags and cushions alike, and any other small projects.  It's perfect for beginners who sometimes struggle keeping their stitch lines straight and consistent.

The metal guide you can see on the right butts up to the edge of your fabric to help you keep the stitch line consistently a quarter inch.

It's also got useful grooves engraved in along the left edge.  The first one up from the bottom is a quarter inch from the needle position.  So if you are coming up to a corner and don't know when to stop this will help you! Just stop when that groove is in line with the end of the fabric, pivot the fabric and you should be in the right place to stitch the next side!  

The other grooves work back in eighth inch increments.

Another useful feature of this foot is at the front.  Do you see how the right side (with the guide) is a quarter inch.  The left side has been made smaller.  It is an eighth of an inch, this can useful to know for some projects.

Just beware! Notice the the needle hole is just a hole and not a slot! So make sure you only use this presser foot with a straight stitch.  Use it by accident with a zigzag stitch and the needle will snap. 

These presser feet are available to buy in Sew Busy.