Friday Favourites!

Today marks the start of a new blog series called Friday Favourites!  I will be sharing with you one of my favourite sewing products and telling you why I love it!

So we are going to start with the Hot Hemmer.  This product sadly doesn't seem to be available through a UK distributor yet.  But you can buy it on Amazon! Yay!  

It's great for ensuring that your hems are perfectly consistent all the way around.  My beginners and more advanced students both love this product as it takes all the guess work out!  And is much quicker than working with a tape measure.  Sure you could make your own out of a piece of cardboard, but that wouldn't be heat resistant and non-slip now would it!?  It's also brilliant as, although I am far happier working in imperial measurements, a lot of my students only work in metric! So when I say half an inch or an inch I often get blank looks!

I mainly use it in classes to help students achieve an accurate consistent hems on cushion covers.  But it also helps you mitre corners, achieve curved hems and also with other positioning with the inverted corner.  Clover have made a neat video about it that you can see here.