Friday Favourites - Rotary Cutter

The next favourite product in my series is the Rotary Cutter.  For anyone who has attended my classes you will know that I do virtually all of my cutting with a rotary cutter.  And that is mainly because I am a quilter and a crafter and therefore most of the things I cut are straight lines.  I choose to use the Olfa 45mm Quick Change Rotary Cutter.  If I was using it to cut curves I would probably choose one with a smaller diameter.  But to be honest if I am cutting curves I normally use scissors.

So there are lots of Rotary Cutters out there available in the crafting why do I like this one?  I love the three main features that distinguish this one from the rest!

  • The clue is in the title (lol) the Quick Change Blade system reduces the time faffing about changing the blade.
  • I love the ergonomically shaped handle with the rubber grip, much easier to grip and use.
  • The ability to cover top half of the blade whilst working with it is a great safety feature.
  • In addition to this you just can't go wrong with the Olfa Brand, they really do produce quality products.  My rotary cutter is about 7 years old and still working just fine.

It is more expensive than other models and brands but to mind it is worth the extra. If you are interested in buying one of these they are available to buy at the shop where I teach my classes: Sew Busy.