Make Modern Mini Mini Challenge

Well that's a bit of a tongue twister isn't it trying saying that after you've had a few! Make Modern Mini Mini!  So Make Modern, an online digital Modern Quilting magazine, has launched a quilt challenge on Instagram.  Thought I'd share my first entry with you.  I have more fabric cut but not sure if I'll get a second one made in time.

As you know, I LOVE rainbow colours.  So I just had to make something with rainbow colours. I settled on a coin stack quilt.  The challenge was it was to be no bigger than 6 inches square! That's a lot of teeny tiny pieces!!

So I started off by collating 16 fabrics going through the rainbow spectrum.  I cut them into little strips, three quarters of an inch wide by 5 inches.  Sewed the strips together and then cut them into 5 skinny strips an inch wide to form the coin stacks.

I then sandwiches these between some texty fabric strips, and added top and bottom borders.  I quilted with simple lines around the rainbow stacks.  And bound it in a black on black floral.  It finished up at about five and three quarter inch square.  Just the perfect size for a beer mat so say Mr Crafty Nomad!!

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