Friday Favourites - Spool Holder

Next up in the series is an absolute favourite of mine! [hence the name of the series dur! lol!].  Once you've been sewing for a while you will start to accumulate lots of different pretty coloured spools of thread.  One to match each of the lovely pieces of fabric you buy to stroke! Oh sorry that's enough about me!  So, you have all these spools, so what to do with them. Think I started off with them in a tupperware container and then moved onto a purpose box with lid.  But hey, then you can't see all those pretty colours!! That won't do!

So then I found these great stands that can also be wall mounted.  I have two!

Perfect for storing your spools of thread, even the larger ones. Check out the top row.  And if you are super sneaky you can also pop your bobbin with matching thread on the post first and then the spool on top to keep them together.  If you look closely at the picture you'll see the bobbins nestled under the spools.

The fab thing is you can buy very similar stands at the shop where I teach my classes.  Interested? you can check it out here.  They can be free standing or wall mountable.

Do you ever drop your bobbin on the floor and curse when it unravels as it nonchalontly rolls away from you!!! How about getting some plastic tubing and cutting into little chunks to wrap around your bobbin to hold all the thread in one place?  Works like a charm!

If you aren't quite ready to fill a whole Spool rack then you might prefer the Bobbin Buddies.  Check out the tutorial below.