Bunting Table Runner

OK so a while back I had a moment of inspiration when looking at the Bunting Panels that Makower have been bringing out in some of their ranges.  I was looking at one half of it and thought what a great table runner that would make.  And the beauty of it was you didn't need to to do hardly any cutting or buy heaps of different fabrics.  So not only would it be cost effective but it would also be time efficient.  Anyone who knows me will know I can't stand waste in terms of fabric or time (because basically I am lazy so I like to find the quickest/easiest way to do things lol!).

So anyhow, I made the table runner from the Tea Party range bunting panel from Makower.  Sewing World Magazine loved it and wanted to put it in their mag! So I made them one too, but theirs had wider borders!! Exciting stuff! So exciting that I literally jumped up and down when I saw it in the shop yesterday!

This is really easy to put together, it's very similar to what I teach in the How to Use Cheater Patchwork Fabric Class.  No need to cut the pieces out first which I absolutely LOVE!!

This is the panel that you start with: 

Think Makower have previously done these panels in Halloween and pirate fabrics.  At the moment I can only see them in this range and in Christmas Fabrics!  Would make a fab Christmas runner!

Sew Busy currently have the Tea Party panels in stock.... and the magazines!!!!