Easter Bunny Bunting and Easter Egg Decorations Tutorial

how to bunny garland 2.png

Are you starting to get ready for the Easter Holidays.  Some schools broke up today and some are later but either way we are on the count down now.  

So I've put together some fun little decorations you can make.

First up is this cute Bunny Bunting.

You Will Need: Hessian/Burlap; White Fleece or Felt; Giant white Bobble Trim; pretty Bias Binding; Fabric Glue; Thread, Template

  1. Use the template to cut your shapes out of hessian (burlap) - you could use fabric instead if you prefer.

  2. Pin the hessian shape to the fleece/felt.

  3. Sew in place about an eight inch in from the edge of the hessian.

  4. Use some fancy scallop fabric scissors or pinking shears to trim the fleece so you have a cute border.

  5. Cut a bobble off your bobble trim and apply some fabric glue to it

  6. Stick the bobble on to act as the bunny's tail!

  7. Stitch your bunnies' ears onto the bias or some fancy ribbon and string up somewhere!

Easter Egg Decorations

You Will Need: Fabric; White Fleece or Felt; Buttons; Pretty Ribbon; Thread, Template

  1. Use the small egg template to cut your shape out of fabric

  2. Pin to a double layer of white felt or fleece, using decorative scissors cut around the edge allowing a small border.

  3. Cut a piece of ribbon for hanging about 6-8 inches

  4. Sandwich the ribbon between the two layers of fleece and stitch the fabric on, securing the ribbon as you stitch.

  5. Add some pretty buttons or ribbon to the front to decorate.

I have given a larger template for the eggs as well as the small one so you could use that to make bunting!

DOWNLOAD the Templates HERE.

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