British Quilt Industry Interview Series: The Fabric Fox

This is the second in a series of interviews that I hope to bring you. I want to cast a light on the wonderful people behind the British Quilting Industry. These are the people coming up with fun ideas, patterns and products for you to use in your quilting endeavours! I think we should celebrate and support the quilting talent we have here in Britain, don’t you? If you know someone who I should interview, or you would like to be interviewed yourself, either pop a comment in the comment box at the end of this post or drop me an email.

British Quilt Industry Interview Series The Crafty Nomad

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Meet Kirsty and Lee from The Fabric Fox.

The Fabric Fox is sponsoring a prize on my Tumbling Spools Quiltalong. And I finally got to meet them both at the Farnham Maltings Quilter’s Sale at the weekend. It’s always good to meet people in real life!

We thought it would be fun for you guys to get to know them a bit better too. So I posed a few questions to Kirsty and here is what she said.


Q. Tell us a bit about your business

A. The Fabric Fox is an online fabric shop and I (Kirsty) run it with my husband Lee from our home in Essex. We focus on stocking the most colourful, exciting and modern fabrics we can find. We also sell sewing patterns and colourful haberdashery as well as lots of fun sewing accessories.

Q. How did you get into quilting?

A. My mum has always sewn while I was growing up and she started getting into patchwork so she showed me how to make a patchwork cushion and I picked it up from there. I love how creative you can be with patchwork and how the different combinations of colours and patterns can completely transform the way a quilt looks.

Q. Tell us about the first patchwork or quilted item you made.

A. I made a quilt for my GCSE textiles project and it had an autumn theme. I used lots of browns and oranges so the colours were completely different to anything I would make now! I did get an A for it though so I was really pleased with it.  

Q. What prompted you to set up your business within the quilting industry?

A. The main thing that drew me to quilting was the fabrics, I was always hunting for modern fabrics and I came up with the idea of setting up a shop that would be the go-to place for the most colourful and unusual fabrics. I knew there were lots of people out there who, like me, wanted to create bright and modern projects, and I love finding fabrics for our customers.


Q. What's the favourite item you ever made?

A. I designed a cushion that featured clouds, rain and a rainbow and I used to make it to sell at craft fairs. I have always loved the design and fabrics I chose, but funnily enough I don’t own one myself as I sold them all! I think I have some of the fabrics left in my stash, I shall have to make one for myself one day!

Q. Tell us what your favourite tool is?

A. My rotary cutter is definitely my best friend, I cut a lot of fat quarters so it really comes in handy day-to-day.

Q. Tell us your favourite fabric range?

A. I have always been a huge fan of Cotton+Steel, I love how they create lots of modern designs but also incorporate retro and vintage artwork into their fabrics. Now that the original designers are moving on to become Ruby Star Society, I am very excited to see their upcoming designs.  

Thanks for that Kirsty! I’m excited to be see what’s next for The Fabric Fox! I love how with patchwork and quilting so many people were taught by their mothers, grandmothers or friends. It’s such a community event. I’m also excited to see what’s coming next from the newly formed Ruby Star Society.

I couldn’t help myself have a little browse on the Fabric Fox website. Here are some of my favourite things!