Spring Clean your Studio Blog Hop 2019

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Hello, my name is Jo and I am a Messy Maker. There, glad I’ve got that out in the open!! When I signed up to Cheryl Sleboda from Muppin.com’s Spring Clean your Studio blog hop I was full of positivity...such a good idea …. I thought. But as time ticked on, and the days went by, and the actual date got closer, I came to the realisation that I really was that bad!! I just NEVER seem to be able to tidy up as I go along. It’s the same in my non crafty areas of life. I build up a massive pile of pots and pans as I cook and deal with them later (or if my husband is home, he deals with them!).

Anyhow, the upshot is that my craft studio (and other areas of the house) just has mounds of discarded fabrics, threads and other notions just lying about, occasionally spilling onto the floor where they are ignored! It’s disgraceful and so embarrassing!

But before I show you the worst parts of me lol, if you’re new here I guess I should have introduced myself properly!! I’m Jo Westfoot from The Crafty Nomad, and as well as being a Messy Maker , I am also a designer of modern quilt and sewing patterns. I live in a quaint little English village in Hampshire, UK with my husband, daughter and cat. I have a love for all things rainbow. I love to sew and quilt, teach sewing and quilting and talk about sewing and quilting!! I’m the Chairperson of the Hampshire MQG. I occasionally design for Quilt Now and Love Patchwork and Quilting magazines.

Here are some of my favourite makes. Be sure to follow along on Instagram if you like what you see!

So I digress, back to the studio makeover.....So to say my studio needed this, really was an understatement. Here are some before photos!! Like I said I’m a ‘dropper’, I just drop it where it was last used!! These pictures are so mortifying! And I’ve actually set it so you can click on them and see them bigger with all their awfulness magnified!! I must be mad!

I decided to deal with the main problem: FABRIC. (Hahahaha, not me of course, I couldn’t possibly be the problem!!)

So first I had a clear out. Took two full boxes to my guild meeting and thankfully came home with a pretty empty boxes! I have since filled two more boxes that will be going back to next month’s guild meeting or to charity. And could definitely do more. But let’s just take this one step at a time. I also managed to fill a huge black refuse sack and had lots of recycling too!

Next I decided a trip to Ikea was in order. I needed something better to hold my scraps. You see, as well as a messy maker I am also a fabric hoarder. I just can’t bear to get rid of small scraps. One day I’ll use them. I promise. Well, maybe.....

Anyhow I found some fabric drawers (Flarra) that would fit in my Kallax unit. The only problem was that they were boring black. So I decided to take 10 hours out of my ‘tidying up time’ to pretty them up!!

I added some pretty fabrics to the front to tell me what colours lay inside. And also added a divider to most of them. Five are for scraps, to be organised by colour. The sixth rainbow one is to be used for bundles and bundle scraps. I like to keep collections together where possible. I’ve written this up as a tutorial. It’s available to all my newsletter subscribers. So if you’re interested then do sign up. You can unsubscribe at any time of course, but if you like it, then you might want to stick around as subscribers are the ones that get all my future free tutorials!

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So after I had finished making those (read: procrastinating!) I carried on tidying. And here are some after shots. So this one is taken as you walk through the door. I love that if I leave the door open that I see that wall of colour every time I walk past. Most of the minis are made by me with a couple made by friends.

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I store my threads on those wall mounted stands. Think I need another one though for all the new blues and greens! I wrote a post about keeping threads tidy, how ironic, you can read that here. The little Kallax is home to things I probably don’t need anymore: little kids craft stuff. (My daughter is 15 now!).

Spring Clean 8  The Crafty Nomad

The view from the window. The bookcase houses my small machines, power cables and irons for sewing classes and workshops.

Spring Clean 5 The Crafty Nomad

It’s also home to pretty things like ribbons and tins. I just put my Ombre Improv Curves mini quilt up above it. Not sure it’s staying there, I think I’d like it in a frame in the kitchen!

Spring Clean 7 The Crafty Nomad

On the left (below) you can see the large Ikea Kallax cube unit. Home to fabrics, books, Big Shot diecutting machine, packaging materials, excess batting etc, and now my fabulous scrap boxes! Bolts are laying down on the top, with my light box.

Spring Clean 2 The Crafty Nomad

To the right, the unit stores all my card making and stamping supplies. Have not made any cards in an age so probably should get rid of that! On top are some baskets with WIPs. And then there is my Create Every Day Mini reminding me to do something creative every day!

Spring Clean 6 The Crafty Nomad

I totally love the view from my sewing machine! I wonder how long I can keep it tidy for!?

Spring Clean 4 The Crafty Nomad

Tidying up this room has inspired me to rethink how I use it, if I need to hang on to some stuff and the layout. I see more changes in the future. But before that I will have to clear up the rest of my craft stuff that wasn’t in this room! I currently also use the family room for cutting and storing stuff that won’t fit in this room. I daren’t post a picture of that!! That is now next on my list.

I’ve been pinning craft room storage idea to my Pinterest pinboards for a number of years now, head over and follow to see if it helps you too. Crafty Spaces and Storage.

Wow if you are still with me then well done! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. If you’re new here and have liked what you have seen then have a good look around and consider following along on Instagram, Facebook or sign up to receive my newsletter.

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Happy Sewing (& tidying!)