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It’s no secret that I love the rainbow spectrum and sew with it pretty much all the time! So when Shayla showed me her latest line of fabric for Windham Fabrics, I absolutely loved it!

When I saw it, a phrase popped into my head: Live Life in Colour. I knew that somehow that phrase would have to be incorporated into the project.

The Crafty Nomad Jo Westfoot Focal Point Live Life in Colour Color Good Vibes Only

The fabric line is a mix of bright, fully saturated blends in the rainbow spectrum. With the addition of low volume, dark and texty prints. It’s a super fun range of fabric.

Explore the Collection: the collection | the lookbook | on instagram

Good Vibes Only fabrics  Shayla Wolf Windham Fabrics

I have a bit of a thing for mini quilts and my wall in my craft room is starting to fill up but I couldn’t resist one more! Can you spot it? There is actually two projects using this new line of fabric on that wall!!

The Crafty Nomad Live Life in Colour 9.png

So here it is. My Live Life in Colour Mini Quilt. I picked 20 of the rainbow spectrum fabrics to surround the words. I wanted them to be kind of exploding out from the words in true colour burst style!

I love the little fun touches Shayla has incorporated into the fabrics. I really wanted to try to keep those within this project. So I was happy when I managed to fussy cut ‘Hello’ into the exact place I wanted it!

The Crafty Nomad Jo Westfoot Focal Point Live Life in Colour Color Mini Quilt Good Vibes Only

The words have been constructed with strips of fabric and then appliqued onto the dark background. Obviously I’ve gone for the British spelling of the word colour as I’m British! But you guys from across the pond could just omit the ‘U’.

The Crafty Nomad Live Life in Colour 7.png

The borders were added, and Yes, those are Y Seams at the corners. But seriously they shouldn’t be feared!

The Crafty Nomad Live Life in Colour 2.png

Deciding how to quilt a project is always fun. But, I always curse myself at this point for loving the rainbow spectrum as it often means I need to quilt with lots of different colours which means lots of thread changes! But it is so worth it!

Choosing thread, live life in colour

People often ask me what brand of thread I use. Well to be honest I don’t stick to one particular brand, but I do have my favourites and the common theme is that they are all good quality threads. I love using Sulky, Aurifil and Guterman. I use a variety of weights and types: cotton; rayon; metallic and polyester.

I’ve worked like a crazy woman to get this pattern finished, so I’m happy to say if you want to make one of these for yourself, you can!!! Get the pattern HERE.

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Oh and I couldn’t resist using Good Vibes Only to make up a micro mini version of my Create Every Day pattern (which coincidentally is what I designed for the blog tour last year for Shayla’s Foundation range of fabric!).

Micro Mini Create Every Day The Crafty Nomad

To see more of the wonderful creations made with the fun Good Vibes Only fabric by others participating in this blog tour then click on the links below. There have already been some amazing projects shared already and more to come! Be sure also to check out the Good Vibes Only lookbook put together by Shayla. You can find out more about Shayla here:


Also for your chance to win some Good Vibes Only fabric for yourself head over to my Instagram page!

If you are based in the UK you can get your Good Vibes Only fabric here at Purple Stitches.

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