Longest W.I.P. finally complete

Anyone else end up feeling super relieved after they have completed a project that has been hanging about for way too long?

I don't love hand sewing, I just don't! It always seems like such a chore to get it done! I think it's because I'm so slow at it.  I do quite enjoy hand finishing the binding on a quilt but I think that is only because I know it will complete the project so well and I'm not a fan of seeing stitching on binding.

Anyhoo this little birdy hoop has been on the go for about 3 years!  Finally finished the hand stitching of the quote and the beak recently and got it on the wall!  It has sat in this state for a long long time!


All finished and on the wall!!

The Crafty Nomad Birdy Hoop Art

Totally love this quote! 

'Use what talent you possess - the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the birds that sang the best' Henry Van Dyke

My little mission when I taught classes was the get people to have a go at sewing and not to be afraid of it.  People are often worried that what they create will look rubbish, but if we never try, then we never know.  And if we never try again then we never improve.  So keep trying and you will love what you create!

The Crafty Nomad Birdie Hoop Art Use what talent you have

The patchwork is foundation paper pieced.  All stitching, apart from the words, beak and eye, are done on the machine.  Bird and leaves are appliqued on.

The Crafty Nomad Jo Westfoot Hoop Art