New Baby = New Quilt

Well just recently I welcomed a new nephew into the family. It’s been a while since I got to have some snuggles with a baby!

Anyhow obviously this new baby needed a quilt. I decided to make a slightly different version to the Rainbow Steps quilt I made a while ago for Make Modern.

Baby Quilt The Crafty Nomad

I chose blue, lime and grey Kona. Instead of one diagonal set of steps through the middle I added two more in each corner.

Baby Quilt The Crafty Nomad

After I’d made the quilt top I found out that the theme for the nursery was Under the Sea. I figured the colours worked so thought I’d make the quilting a bit more in line with the theme.

Baby Quilt The Crafty Nomad fish quilting

I added fish swimming up the centre channel. I was kind of thinking of Finding Nemo at this point lol! But then remembered The Rainbow Fish story and as I had rainbow thread, I made one of the fish a rainbow one! I used Sulky Variegated thread in Rayon 40 wt (colour 2132) for the fish. For the rainbow fish I used Sulky Sliver Metallic in a rainbow colourway (colour 8020).

Baby Quilt The Crafty Nomad

Then added some seaweed to the lime triangles.

Baby Quilt The Crafty Nomad

The remainder was straight line echo quilting.

Ombre Improv Curves Mini Quilt

So I’ve shared some of these pictures on social media but decided it deserved it’s own post!

The Crafty Nomad Ombre Improv Curves Mini Quilt

About a month ago I went on the Purple Stitches quilting retreat. I had a great time. Whilst there I took a class with Nick Ball from Quilts from the Attic. I have to say, I totally wasn’t going to do this class initially. It was all about Improv quilting. Those that know me will know that I like things ‘just so’ and until taking the class I had thought ‘Improv’ was synonymous with ‘slap dash’. Not so people, not so! I am so glad I changed my mind and did the class. I LOVED THE CLASS!!

Nick is running the class at Purple Stitches in May this year if you are interested. You can get all the details here.

The class covered a couple of different techniques. The one that I was really interested in was the improv curves. I had bought half a metre of a Timeless Treasure Studio Ombre fabric in Peacock from Lady Sew and Sew and decided to use it to make this little ombre square during the class.

Ombre Improv Curves Block The Crafty Nomad

I bordered it with some white Kona fabric. Then set about thinking how to quilt it. I knew I wanted to quilt wavy lines in in a variety of blue/teals. So i consulted my Sulky Rayon colour card and chose some matching colours. Sulky generously supplied the thread for me to use for this project. I totally love quilting with Sulky Rayon as the thread really catches the light. I also added in some Sulky Cotton 12wt into the mix to add texture.

Sulky Rayon Threads #SewBetterwithSulky

In the end I decided to quilt wavy lines in colours corresponding to the fabric, but extend past the square to make the square sit in a circle shape. Around the outside of the circle I decided to quilt with white and do a variety of free motion motifs. I love practising my free motion. Although I’m looking at the finished thing and although I love it I’m wondering if I should have stuck to straight lines to really keep with the modern aesthetic?? Maybe next time. I am planning on making a bigger version soon with a slight variation.

I decided not to bind it. Instead, I added a facing. First time for me doing that. I followed Jenny Haynes’ (Papper Sax Sten) tutorial. I really quite like the look of it. Was a bit fiddly getting a nice mitred corner though!

The light was a bit weird when I took some of these photos, it looks like it’s glowing!

The Crafty Nomad Ombre Improv Curves Mini Quilt

Here are some close ups of the free motion designs

I wanted to get a shot of the thicker cotton threads next to the thinner rayon ones, but my photography skills are limited! You can just about pick the thicker threads out in the white section below.

The Crafty Nomad Ombre Improv Curves Mini Quilt

What threads do you quilt with? Have you tried Rayon? Do you mix up the weights?

Rainbow Steps Quilt for Make Modern

Issue 27 Flat Lay.jpg

Just thought I’d share one of my recent makes with you. I made this quilt for Issue 27 of Make Modern Magazine.

Make Modern is a digital magazine focusing on modern quilting projects. It’s always jam packed full of colourful quilter’s eye candy, great articles, interviews and of course the hilarious column by Molli Sparkles which is sure to make you smile!

The magazine is issued every other month. It’s really good value, at only AUS$8 per issue (about £4.35) or 12 month subscription (6 issues) AUS$40 (about £22) or a 6 month subscription (6 issues) for AUS$21 (about £11.50)

My quilt is made of neutral solids with pops of rainbow colour in two tones. It’s a really quick make, perfect when you need to make a new baby quilt in a hurry!


If you want to subscribe to this fabulous magazine then click here.

If you just want to buy this single issue to try it out and make my pattern, then click here.

Jo Westfoot Rainbow Steps Close up 4.JPG

This blog post contains affiliate links.  This just means that if you click them and buy the item I receive a tiny bit of commission helping me to continue to run this business and inspire you! You won’t pay any extra for the item. So it’s a win win! :-)

One Way or Another...

I'm excited to share my latest quilt pattern is published in the latest issue of Quilt Now1  I totally love this one!  Most of my designs start life on a tiny post note! And this one was no different!  Sat at the kitchen table and idea pops into my head I reach for the nearest scrap of paper and pen and start sketching.  Introducing my arrow quilt: One Way or Another. With matching cushion.  It's a got a very modern look about it.  Reminds me a bit of road signs.  My daughter says its like the recycling motif! But isn't that three arrows?

One Way or Another Quilt Pattern by Jo Westfoot for Quilt Now - Photo courtesy of Quilt Now

One Way or Another Quilt Pattern by Jo Westfoot for Quilt Now - Photo courtesy of Quilt Now

I think it would be perfect unisex quilt but I did think when making it that it would probably suit boys a bit better!  But i guess it just depends what fabric you use.

One Way or Another Quilt by Jo Westfoot The Crafty Nomad

I used a variety of colours from the Twist range by Dashwood Studio.  I used Stitch It 80/20 wadding from Empress Mills

I kept the quilting really simple and went for straight diagonal lines.